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Helping communities & teams immerse, foresee, and prototype — faster better together.
Aldo Puicón-Pérez is a mission-driven UX researcher and designer. By integrating backgrounds in human-centered research, relational interaction design, and speculative practices, Puicón-Pérez brings a distinct approach to systems level thinking for shaping services and the products that support them.

Featured Work

Animating GIF of COOP•R interface prototype

Shaping an Expert System for Worker Co-ops

Expert System Design, AI/ML Product Design, Rapid Interface Prototyping, User Testing
  • Interviewed co-op experts and reviewed AI research
  • Designed COOP•R, a multimodal AI expert system that provides tailored advice
  • Built early prototypes in Figma, and now developing comprehensive prototype in Origami
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Animating GIF of COOP•R interface prototype

Considering Cooperation: A Design Framework

UX Research, Design Frameworks, Design Artifacts
  • Investigated community-centered approach to interaction design, leveraging "Designing In Place" as a critical research process
  • Looked into Coachella Valley economics and demographics and identified a regional opportunity
  • Created reference zine on reflections from community-centered design
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Animating GIF of COOP•R interface prototype

Understanding EPD Collaboration

UX Research, User Interviews, Product Ideation, Rapid Interface Prototyping
  • Collaboratively interviewed product engineering team members
  • Uncovered pain points around onboarding, trust, culture
  • Developed AI solution prototypes for onboarding and collaboration
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Animating GIF of COOP•R interface prototype

Cultivating a Community Lab for Co-op Development

UX Research, Visioning, Service Design Prototyping, Play Testing
  • Analyzed datasets and interviewed experts to identify a local need
  • Designed CVCTUS, a community lab prototype
  • Produced pitch deck for potential pilot hosts
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Animating GIF of COOP•R interface prototype

Organizing a Co-Mapping Experience: Launching Mapeo

UX Research, Design Systems, XFN Collaboration, Design Leadership
  • Researched mapping tool needs for indigenous frontline communities
  • Established core design system for Mapeo, an intuitive, secure co-mapping platform
  • Over 30 indigenous communities worldwide use Mapeo to create maps together
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Key Experiences

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Graduate Research, Interaction Design

ArtCenter College of Design, 2022–2023
  • Analyzed recent data sets and interviewed experts to investigate the intersection of emergent technologies, solidarity economics, and interaction design
  • Developed a community-centered interaction design framework
  • Graduated with distinction as part of the inaugural cohort
Mapeo logo

Lead UX Researcher & Designer

Digital Democracy, 2017–2019
  • Researched collaborative mapping needs for 3 indigenous frontline communities
  • Developed community-centered design guidelines
  • Established core design system for co-mapping digital tool set used by over 30 frontline communities worldwide
GOOD / CTZN logo

Lead UX Researcher & Designer

GOOD Worldwide, 2013–2016
  • Analyzed data sets and trends to identify a strategic pivot towards mobile
  • Interviewed 12 local community organizers to uncover their storytelling pain points
  • Shaped the core experience and design system for a storytelling platform; helped ship mobile app within 4 months
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Design Director, UX/UI

TrueCar, 2010–2013
  • Implemented UX/UI best practices to transform a core product into an intuitive experience
  • Supported the rapid growth of a SaaS product team
  • Closely collaborated with product managers, data analysts, and product engineers to ship user friendly car shopping tools and experiences
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